The Prosperity Prayer of Jeremiah & Joshua in the Bible

Every person desires to prosper in many aspects of their life including wealth and health. God is faithful and will always answer prayers that come from a place of spiritual purity. It is important for one to stand upon the promises of God and declare prosperity in their lives. This article looks at the most powerful prosperity prayer that you can employ in your life starting today.

A good prayer for prosperity begins with adoration then confession, thanksgiving and finally supplication. When praying, it is important for one to open their hearts and speak to God in faith. In case you feel like there have been curses or sins that have been holding you down you can begin by repenting and breaking all curses in the name of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to cleanse you with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Think back on all the times that God has shown you His favour and blessed you. Give thanks from your heart for everything before proceeding to supplication.

God desires for people to live life in full and hence prosperity and abundance. Nonetheless, a prayer is not just about the words that you say but rather why you say and how you say it. Once you realise the goodness of God, you begin to trust His providence. You can acknowledge your position as an heir of God’s promises.

Holy God you are worthy of all praise and You alone are Lord. The book of Jeremiah 32:27 says that nothing is impossible with God. Today I come boldly standing on your promises as You God are trustworthy to keep your word asking you to empower me to be wealthy. You Lord can make a way where there seems to be no way as your word says in Joshua 2: 10. I know there is power in your word and I trust it will be as You Lord promised. Give me the financial breakthrough. Bless me and enlarge my territories. Let your peace and descend upon me and bless the work of my hands so that I may live a fulfilled life.

Remember to always think about all the positives that God has given you and try to resist any temptation to get impatient or frustrated. Indulge in positive self-talk. Be grateful to God for all the small things and favours that He has done in your life. The Lord is faithful to show you favour as He favoured David and Joseph. This prayer will help you find peace and have favour in all aspects of your life.

A Real Alternative to Fake News Facts?

Alternative Facts. Pseudoscience. Hocus Pocus. Mumbo Jumbo.

These are wonderful little phrases that are regularly employed by those claiming to represent ‘Science’, ‘Rationality’ and ‘The Truth’.

In actual fact, they are the linguistic equivalent of an ad hominem argument. In case you didn’t know, that is when you say that something someone says is wrong because of who or what they are.

For example, someone might say, “Donald Trump is wrong about x,y, and z because he is a nincompoop.”. Now, the truth of the matter is that, while Trump may be a nincompoop, that is a completely separate issue to whether what he is saying about x,y and z is correct, or not.

Admittedly, we all have to make ad hominem judgements in our day to day lives, and the danger of becoming too reliant on our preconceptions is warned against by our ever-reliable folk memory.

You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover. We all know that. Although we have to make judgement calls, often with limited information.

Yes, sometimes the book looks crap and sure it enough it is crap, but we should always keep in mind that we may be wrong about someone or something, and that we cannot always discount what someone says just because they are a “insert pejorative”. The pejorative judgement (Trump is a nincompoop), can only ever be a subjective judgement. There is no scientific test for nincompomposity, and even if there was, we do not have any scientific test that is 100% accurate and never will. Science doesn’t work that way.

So, in the lofty but essential realm of logical argument, there is no pejorative term that is not totally unscientific, irrational and philosophically indefensible, although we might like to joke that there is. Not only can we not test for nincompomposity, we cannot test exactly how that might affect someone’s ability to state or know ‘The Truth’.

The same applies when using the above terms, which masquerade as philosophically defensible words only because they are so regularly spouted by those who claim to know the actual truth, those who pretend that their qualifications or experience have somehow rendered them infallible on certain subjects.

You will often hear the self-proclaimed Sceptic humbly say, “Well, I’m not an ‘x’, but I am a qualified ‘y’, on this-that-or-the-other, with so much experience that I really do know this etc”, as if admitting that they don’t know some things somehow gives them infallibility on other things. It doesn’t, btw.

With terms like, ‘pseudoscience’, or ‘mumbo jumbo’ the ‘Sceptic’ infers that the only reason that they are not explaining the matter further is because you wouldn’t understand, or perhaps more importantly, you wouldn’t have a convenient little buzzword to pass along to your little ignorant friends so that they too will know the incredible truth that the ‘Sceptic’ has discovered but cannot be arsed to actually prove or explain.

‘Alternative facts’ and ‘Fake News’ are the latest in a line of pejorative terms which refer not to the person who is making the argument, but to the argument itself. With both sides now bandying these terms in abundance we find ourselves is something of a quandary. How are we supposed to know anything?

I think maybe humanity is moving towards a great revelation. Have you seen the movie Labyrinth? Of course you have. David Bowie’s in it. Has the great man left us a clue to help solve our current woes in this movie? Perhaps.

At one point in the film, our heroine is attempting to gain access to a certain door in the mystical realm of the Goblin King, wherein she hopes to find her baby brother whom she has promised to the Goblin King but changed her mind about.

Two outlandish guards are blocking her way through two doors. They assure her that one of the doors will lead her to the castle at the centre of the Labyrinth, and the other will lead to certain death. However, she can only ask one of them one question about which door is which. This beautiful little riddle is much older than the film, goodness knows how old. It reminds me of electrical circuits and logic gates.

The only way to get these guys to give you an answer you can be sure of is to employ them in series. Asking a question that involves both parties will employ both logic gates. So our heroine says “What would the other guy say if I asked him which was the door to the castle?”. Whichever door he answers, you must use the other one.

If you happen to ask the truth teller, he will tell you, truthfully, the lie that the other one would gleefully tell you. If you ask the liar, he will gleefully lie about the truthful answer the other one would’ve given you. The net result is the same. The question employs both parties. What you must remember, though, is that inevitably the answer you get must then be reversed in order to render it true again. She asks which is the door to the castle, and goes through the other door.

If you asked what the other guy would say if asked which was the door to certain death, the truthful one would ruefully pass on the lie the other one would’ve said. You know the answer will be wrong, so you go through whichever door they tell you leads to doom, you know that together they will always give you the lie.

How you use this information presented here is up to you. I would tentatively hypothesise that there may be some merit in utilising this process to evaluate anything that has been labelled with one of these pejorative terms, like “Fake News”, “Alternative Facts” and “Pseudoscience”. One of my favourite examples is Himalayan lamps. There are a multitude of benefits to have these in your house and yet these benefits are dismissed as pseudoscience. But incidentally, if you want to find out more about these lamps I suggest you check out Himalayan Salt Lamp Boutique where you can buy salt lamps.

We have an advantage over the girl in the Labyrinth, we get to ask as many questions as we like, but the key point here is to involve both parties, those presenting either side of the argument. What do they say about each other? How do they claim the other would behave?

Remember there is no impartiality here, although any number of people may claim it. Everyone has an agenda. Beware most of all those pretending to have no agenda, particularly news sources. The money to fund ‘news’ organisations does not grow on trees.

The people presenting the ‘news’ may not realise that they are pushing a certain line, that is irrelevant. What is relevant is that whoever is funding the organisation most likely does have a certain agenda. The first and most important being ‘getting you to consume/buy/engage with whatever they are putting out’.

It is perhaps time to realise that there is no other kind of news but ‘fake news‘. No one has the whole picture, or the ability to present it. Mistakes are made in good faith, and lies are told faithlessly. It can be a little frightening to realise how much we truly do not know, but in the present climate of fear and scaremongering, I think it can be quite liberating to realise that no one really knows anything.

Of course, you may find yourself having to make your own judgement calls, or coming up with your own ‘best guess’, but hey, that’s life kiddo. Just remember that you are guessing and you’ll be just fine. So is everyone else. 🙂

Happy thinking!

NB: I have just looked it up, and I think we have a combination of the ‘fallacy fallacy’ here, and ‘ambiguity’, according to

Two Ways to Use the Subconscious Powers of Your Mind

The subconscious mind functions more accurately when we are performing activities that do not require a lot of effort such as watching television and driving. Even under distractions, it is able to function properly. It is like a huge storage device that stores everything that ever happens to you in your life. Understanding the power of the subconscious mind will help you change your life for the better.

It transmits the energy from the brain to all parts of the body as sensations, emotions, urges. The conscious part of your mind has the will to change your life but it has the power. That does not matter. What you should focus on is how to use subconscious mind power to change your life. Anything done consciously, like reading, requires effort. On the other hand, actions done subconsciously happen more freely.

Something interesting about it is that it is subjective. It obeys the conscious mind. Whatever you think about or whichever feeling you may have goes from the conscious to the subconscious. If it is negative feedback that is what will dominate our thinking pattern and mindset. We have the power to change our lives using our influence over the mind. The following are useful tips to make this possible:
1. Work on your thinking pattern – If it is negative, you have to wilfully work on changing it. Since you have the will and the subconscious is subject to how you program it, you can use this to your advantage. Think of happy times in your life or pleasant memories that always make you smile. These have an instant effect on your mind. You feel happier and relaxed. It will take a lot of effort if it has to be effective. This isn’t a one- time thing. You have to set this part of your mind to submit. Remember the conscious mind requires effort.

2. Believe in yourself – It is not enough to have a positive mindset. The next course of action is to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Doing this will need constant meditation and frequent flashback. What do you like about yourself? Which achievement are you most proud of? These are just a few of the questions you have to ask yourself. The subconscious thrives on self perception, thoughts and beliefs. Use these to your benefit.

At the end of the day, only you have the control over your life. What you believe is what you are. The power lies in your hands to transform your life for the better.

Why Himalayan Salt is Good for Your Health

Himalayan salt and lamps for health

Are you thinking about making the switch from regular to Himalayan salt? A lot has been written about the beneficial characteristic of the pink crystals. If you’re still not certain whether they’re the right option for you, it may be a good idea to go through the following list of Himalayan salt health benefits.

Enhanced Digestion
Pink Himalayan salt can naturally improve your digestion.

According to traditional healers, a solution of water and pink salt is the perfect natural remedy for gastrointestinal problems. Himalayan salt stimulates peristalsis, regulates bowel movements and helps enhance the secretion of digestive enzymes.

On top of that, the salt balances the production of stomach acid. If you’re dealing with a condition like acid reflux, Himalayan salt may be the right natural remedy for your needs.

Rich in Minerals
Standard table salt is inferior because it’s been stripped of many of the trace minerals that it naturally contains. This isn’t the case when it comes to pink salt.

Himalayan salt doesn’t go through a refining or a bleaching process. As a result, all of its beneficial ingredients get preserved. According to some sources, Himalayan salt may contain as many as 84 trace minerals.

Approximately 98 percent of the salt’s composition is sodium chloride. The other two percent come from trace minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc among various others.

Body Detox
The fact that it enhances digestion is just one of the ways in which Himalayan salt can be used to stimulate bodily detoxification. Improved elimination makes it easier for the body to get rid of waste much more efficiently.

Himalayan salt can also be added to bath water for detox purposes. It helps draw toxins out from the skin and the layer of fatty tissue located underneath. On top of that, the trace minerals found in it will dissolve in the water and nourish the skin while detoxification is taking place. A fantastic way to benefit from Himalayan Salt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is to install a good Himalayan salt lamp in your house.

Blood Pressure Regulation
Many people know that consuming a lot of salt is not a good idea because it could potentially increase blood pressure. The exact opposite is true for pink salt.

There’s some evidence that Himalayan salt can be used to control blood pressure. Because it hasn’t been bleached and processed extensively, this kind of salt is a lot easier on the body. The system isn’t going to need a lot of water to process the minerals, which potentially leads to better blood pressure control.

Relief from Respiratory Infections
When dissolved in hot water, pink salt is the perfect natural remedy for cleaning up inflamed sinuses. As a result, it can be used to provide relief from just about every kind of upper respiratory infection.

Clinical studies have been carried out on the topic, one of them taking place in a sanatorium for the treatment of people suffering from respiratory conditions. Researchers found out that the inhalation of the salt crystals helped for the faster recovery from bronchitis.

These are just some of the primary ways in which pink salt is beneficial. One thing to remember when making the switch is to consume the same quantities of salt as before. Increasing your salt intake isn’t a good idea, even if you’re opting for this much more natural and beneficial option.

Reasons Why You Should Visit The Himalayas

We wanted to start off by talking about the Himalayas – of course, the home of Himalayan Salt and the origin of salt lamps.

If you are looking for your next vacation location you should consider the Himalayas. This mountain range stretches from India to China via Nepal and Bhutan offer a wide variety of cultures and experiences. There are many reasons why the Himalayas should be your next travel destination.

Slowing Down In Shangri-La

Shangri-La was first introduced to people in 1933 by James Hilton in his book Lost Horizon. It was described as a mystical place in a tranquil valley that served as a utopian enclave. If you want to find the tranquility that Hilton described there are a number of places to do this. There are multiple districts in the Himalaya region that claim to be the mystical Shangri-La that was described.

One of those claiming to be Shangri-La is the city of Lijiang. The Old Town section of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is definitely worth seeing. There are a number of others regions that you should visit to try and find the real Shangri-La.

Trying Out The Food

When visiting a new country or region you should look at trying the local foods. One of the foods that the Himalayas have to offer is fermented tofu. While this might sound a bit unappealing it is a staple of the East Asian cuisine and seen across the Himalayas. Fermented tofu is used as a condiment and is made from soybeans, rice wine, sesame oil, and salt.

Cycle Along The Great Bend

When visiting the Himalayas there is a lot to see and do. One of the experiences that you need to look at is cycling along the Great Bend of the Yangtze River. The Yangtze River is ruby-colored and forms a 90-degree bend which many people liken to a ribbon. The bend travels around a hilltop in the mountain range before the river continues across China to provide irrigation tot eh rice and wheat farmers.

There are a number of guided cycle tours that will take you along the Great Bend. You can also attempt to cycle along the river on your own. While you do this you can take in the scenery of the mountains and the fresh air.

Take A Trip Into Tibet

When you are traveling in the Himalayas, you need to take a trip into Tibet. The Tibetan cultural region is on the western side of the Yangtze River and you will notice the difference between the Himalayan Tibetans and the Han Chinese. The Tibetans are known for their peaceful approach to life and you will be able to feel this as soon as you cross the river. Taking the time to soak up the serenity and the simple approach to life will recharge you and help you relax before making your way home.

There are a number of reasons why you should look at visiting the Himalayas. There are a number of cultural destinations that you need to visit and you can take in the beautiful mountains while you are doing this.

Where Do Salt Lamps Come From?

The beautiful pink salt that is used to make the lamps we are going to be focusing on here comes from the foothills of the Himalayas. There are many reasons why we love this salt and are creating a website purely to educate everyone. These reasons will become clear as we continue to publish our posts. We have been working very hard for several months now, and have spent some time in Pakistan talking to local labourers about what life is like there and what it means to them and their families to be farming this rock salt for sale over in the Western world. The results have been astonishing and we are looking forward to presenting them to you. So make sure you have bookmarked this page, especially if you are as curious about this wonderful stuff as we are.