The Prosperity Prayer of Jeremiah & Joshua in the Bible

Every person desires to prosper in many aspects of their life including wealth and health. God is faithful and will always answer prayers that come from a place of spiritual purity. It is important for one to stand upon the promises of God and declare prosperity in their lives. This article looks at the most powerful prosperity prayer that you can employ in your life starting today.

A good prayer for prosperity begins with adoration then confession, thanksgiving and finally supplication. When praying, it is important for one to open their hearts and speak to God in faith. In case you feel like there have been curses or sins that have been holding you down you can begin by repenting and breaking all curses in the name of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to cleanse you with the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Think back on all the times that God has shown you His favour and blessed you. Give thanks from your heart for everything before proceeding to supplication.

God desires for people to live life in full and hence prosperity and abundance. Nonetheless, a prayer is not just about the words that you say but rather why you say and how you say it. Once you realise the goodness of God, you begin to trust His providence. You can acknowledge your position as an heir of God’s promises.

Holy God you are worthy of all praise and You alone are Lord. The book of Jeremiah 32:27 says that nothing is impossible with God. Today I come boldly standing on your promises as You God are trustworthy to keep your word asking you to empower me to be wealthy. You Lord can make a way where there seems to be no way as your word says in Joshua 2: 10. I know there is power in your word and I trust it will be as You Lord promised. Give me the financial breakthrough. Bless me and enlarge my territories. Let your peace and descend upon me and bless the work of my hands so that I may live a fulfilled life.

Remember to always think about all the positives that God has given you and try to resist any temptation to get impatient or frustrated. Indulge in positive self-talk. Be grateful to God for all the small things and favours that He has done in your life. The Lord is faithful to show you favour as He favoured David and Joseph. This prayer will help you find peace and have favour in all aspects of your life.

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